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If you want to play some of your favourite games online, you need all the right stuff to make it happen.

This often involves such things as downloading software, setting it up so you can play whenever you like or something simpler like bookmarking the pages your favourite games are on.

However, as sites like Ecasinoguide say, you want to make sure that the game or software you’re downloading is good for you and your computer.

One thing that many poker enthusiasts are doing regularly is downloading software in order to make it easier to play.

From many specialist online poker sites, you need to download an interface to your computer so that it can be used every time you play it’s a helpful way for the sites to track which games you play and how often. It also means that the game will be faster as it isn’t constantly downloading.

Aside from doing that, it makes playing easier, as you do not have to fiddle about on the website you’re playing on as much. This is often the case with other games which you can play online such as roulette and even slots.

Another thing that online games can do is download apps dedicated to your favourite games.

Many bingo sites have made it easier for fans of the game to play on the move by creating such apps which can be downloaded quickly and securely onto your mobile phone.

As well as bingo, many online gambling companies are looking to make it easier for people to play other games on devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, which as well as being convenient, are easy to use and can be played at any time of the day.

It’s a sign that online gamers have never had it so good!

omparing online music websites

The best reviews of music download services are at computer-oriented magazines and websites. reviews the most music sites, and its individual reviews have plenty of details. It’s also the most up-to-date. CNET covers fewer websites that offer music downloads, but does a good job in clearly outlining the differences between them, although some of their reviews are rather old. Another useful and especially interesting music downloads roundup, though dated, comes from an unlikely source:, a website for blind and visually impaired people. The review’s author, Janet Ingber, signs up for five major download services, and reports what she finds concerning catalog size, usability, customer service and other features.

Most reviews of music download services favor the bigger sites, which have had the most time to mature and expand their catalogs. If you’re mainly interested in mainstream pop or alternative music, reviewers say most online music services have very similar catalogs, but things are more uneven if your tastes run to jazz, classical, world or indie recordings. Unfortunately, most reviewers don’t delve too deeply into genre issues, but instead tend to focus on price, user interface, compatibility with iPods or other MP3 players and (sometimes) copyright concerns. If music that veers from the mainstream is of interest to you, we suggest checking out the catalogs of any online music sites you are considering before committing to a long-term relationship. Most sites for music downloads will let you browse their catalogs before subscribing and/or offer a free trial. There are a number of smaller sites that cater to a specific niche.

The biggest shift since our last update is that most of the major online music services, including iTunes, are now offering their songs in a DRM-free file format which lifts restrictions on copying and burning tracks. One caveat is that Apple’s iTunes uses a format called AAC that is only compatible with Apple’s iPod players and computers equipped with Apple iTunes software. This means songs purchased from iTunes cannot be downloaded to non-iPod MP3 players without first converting those songs into a WMA or MP3 format, a process that can be tedious. On the other hand, most of the major music download sites offer non-DRM protected MP3 files, so iPod/iPhone users can get tracks from indie-oriented eMusic (*Est. $12 per month and up), AmazonMP3 (*Est. 69 cents to $1.29 per track) and Napster (*Est. $5 per month and up). For more information on music file formats and DRM, see the “What to Look For” section of this report

 'Diablo III'

There are only six days, 144 hours of waiting to enjoy ‘Diablo III’, perhaps the most highly anticipated game created in the history of videogames. Are 12 years have passed since the last delivery and 4 years since Blizzard announced the development of this third part, during these 4 years we have been teaching videos, telling rumors and throwing promises.

Now, just before its launch, decide to show a video again, another video to make us suffer in recent days, apparently does not want to let us sleep in peace. This latest gem is a short animation directed by Peter Chung that shows the ceaseless battle between angels and demons, a short truly spectacular.

'Portal 2' reaches the figure of 4 million copies sold

The first game was amazing, nobody in the world expected the gameplay, its puzzles and much less success. Some graphics without great fanfare or decoration, were very basic, but a very good mix of playability and fun made him one of the best games, but the best of its kind. The second part has not been less and here are the sales to prove it.

David Sawyer, designer of ‘Portal 2′, has recently stated in an interview with Neogamr that ‘Portal 2′ has sold 4 million copies between PC and console since its launch a year ago. No doubt a success, also told that the entire franchise has sold more than 8 million.

The first installment of this saga has sold 4 million downloads without digital service from Steam, which has helped make this series a success which I am glad. I’ve played both and I love, yes, give him a coconut. See if after that they encourage and make us a third party with some invention that gives a twist to the game.


For all those juices you like I bring a flash game that you sure will love it. It’s simple, easy and addictive. With 8-bit aesthetic and more than a nod to old games and even past events. The landing made ??by Neil Armstrong or the appearance of the mismísma Laika are examples. Do you want to have a stroll through space?

Thanks to fellow Destructoid have known this game, because their creators are regular readers of this blog known nationally. Oscar Gaya and Daniel Oliver were the parents of this space adventure. The first was in charge of design, music and programming while the latter has taken over the charts.

The game is simple, and when we turn on the drive up the left and right keys turn the ship and the down arrow key … you’ll see what it does, try it. We will collect a kind of diamond that will be on each screen when we land, dodging asteroids and try to survive.

I really thought it was a great game, perfect for those times kill dead where we do not know what to do. Just tried it and when I noticed was almost an hour giving cane to drive the ship and destroying asteroids. Great, great job. I leave the trailer and also link to the game, I hope you enjoy it.

Game of Thrones

Yes, I have not seen or read the books. Do not you get the idea of how many times I have to hear the phrase “but how they have not seen”, or put up with our dear friend Rafa reminding me every day I have to see ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Passion of Christ ‘ . As for our enjoyment now comes the first trailer of the game.

The problem is that the medieval theme or Tierre Media is not to my liking, I enjoy more watching a lightsaber fight on Mustafar . Only say that the films ‘The Lord of the Rings’ have only seen it once you can get an idea. Although I have to say that they recognize a good movie or game series but I do not like, and certainly the two cases cited (The Passion of Christ) are two masterpieces.

For your peace of mind the script is written in conjunction with George RR Martin (author of the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones is the first of these novels). Surely this American writer will ensure that the game inspired by his series of novels comes to the quality you deserve.

The trailer shows some scenarios with a huge graphic quality, as with ‘Skyrim’, it is worth playing just for stopping to see the stage. In principle the script will be a parallel to the original story, with characters and will be an RPG.

Here I leave the trailer, to me, very well done. Come on, that it or do I have to see this series. Indeed, the music of the series seems brutal.

It is now very fashionable this online game, if prestige, power suits and make improvements to our characters as we acquire experience in the game, history of losses, etc … where is that spirit of play against your friends in premises and to humiliate them? where are those crazy afternoon refreshments and continuous shafts to pro? Now everything is done by the network.

So I want to rescue that mindset and remember the moments we all almost certainly more than once we have passed in front of the screen playing 2 or up to 4 players at once, for hours, while we curse each other. These “sprints” almost endless, that’s the spirit to which I refer. All those games that make us forget the clock while we enjoy our friends. After much thought I think these are the best, to see what you think.

Mario Kart DS
Why are you here?

It is simple, try to play eight wi-fi in the same room and you tell me. Feelings of anger, nervousness and anxiety for victory are so big they forget everything that happens around you. A game can take the worst feelings for your friends in seconds.

Do not be surprised if you have just more than one occasion arguing for a limit something unsportsmanlike, usually spend the first burst her career with a blue shell while you, finally, do not affect anything. This is not exactly a legal racing game, anything goes and that’s the charm it has . Do everything you can to win.

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2
Why are you here?

At first glance it is a “shooter” whole life did I not. Well, of life-but with an explosion of color with the passage of the latter just the whole screen and techno music quite spicy. It has 6 different game modes each more absorbent. The multiplayer can be cooperative, team or all against all.

Jugadlo and soon you’ll see that the time trancurre at different rates, you believe have been 30 minutes and bear more than 3 hours playing . The purpose is simply to get more points than anyone and will kill again and again, but do not want to stop playing.

Why are you here?

Possibly one of the best adaptations of a movie at a video game. But aside from the quality of the story mode I would say it was the first multiplayer FPS that had such high quality. Up to 4 players in many different ways.

Capture the Flag, all against all different types of weapons, mines by remote control and quality especially in terms of the maps referred sublime. Cokes, popcorn, friends, an N64 with this game and I guarantee it will be one of your best evenings. If you could not play in their day have the chance to play it now with the reissue of 2011.

Twenty years ago was born the father of this genre that today many live games. The ‘Crysis’ , ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Battlefield’ born thanks to a certain ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ . I have to admit that once I played it and … As I regret my god! Yeah, okay, I played the ‘Doom’ and ‘Quake’ , but not the same, kill Nazis always has its charm.

Now, as I said before, this game is 20 years old and Bethesda wants to celebrate in style. Not surprisingly this game is a symbol, and what is the best way to celebrate? For allowing everyone to play from your browser for free. Not only that, the game will be available free for a few days also in the AppStore .

The celebration does not end here at Steam enjoy 75% discount on the pack Wolfenstein , ie we will only € 3.75 and if you still want more you can download the Super iD Software Pack that includes 20 games, including they are all ‘Doom’ , ‘Quake’ , ‘Hexen’ , ‘Rage ‘… and up to 20, price? € 46.49.

Steam going to spoil us, please parad these offers and …

Games for costume parties

Aladdin, Snow White, Mickey, Donald Duck, Tarzan … the list is endless, so do not be hard to find an outfit for the occasion. And since this is a theme party, decorating the house to accompany. Buy plates and cups with their favorite characters, cut the bread for their sandwiches in the shape of Mickey’s head (this is the easiest) and, like music, use the soundtracks of the films. The fun is guaranteed.

Masked ball. The costumes always lead to comparisons between the children, “yours is more beautiful”, “not look like a pirate”, “Snow White and red shoes you wore black” … that can tarnish the celebration. To avoid this, you can make a costume ball. It’s simple. Children need to attend the party without a costume.

You have prepared several trunks or some old clothes you’ve made ??with rags for the occasion: skirts, pants, shirts, wigs, hats, necklaces and fancy hair ornaments … Tell them to put the music and each one will have to take a pledge of each trunk and put it before you pair the song. Sure you will love seeing their foreign models. You can repeat as many times as you like.

Long live the joke! Children love to sing and make up funny verses as carnivals. It is best that you use a song you already know. You can give the chorus and he invented many stanzas as you like, or sing the first few sentences and that he believes the

rest. For example, you can use the song of the cockroach, the poor insect that she could not walk because he lacked the legs back. Humming a refrain: “The carnival, the carnival is something very special. With the groups, with the fantasy, let’s all dance! ” and that he believes at least two stanzas, talking about something that has happened at school or in your family. If several children at the party, make groups, each write a joke and give a small prize for the most fun to sing.

Great gymkhana. Children have fun at the gymkhanas. Through the house looking for clues that lead them to a grand prize makes them feel real researchers. Take the opportunity to prepare a fun hiding clues around the house. If you can write the clues in verse, will be more original.

For you to organize a themed party, try to keep the tracks are related to it. For example, in the case of the “Classical Disney”, the tracks may make reference to details of the films. On a track you can write: “If you want to find the next track, the comb has to find The Little Mermaid”, which hide in the fork drawer, where there will be a new saying: “Mrs. Potts invites you to tea if you find Chips and you go to the meeting with him”, leading them to the closet where they keep the cups and so on. In the end, can pose a test that decides if you give the prize or not.

5 Mario Games for PCNobody can deny that the games of famous plumber never go out of style and daily users spend hours of entertainment at your computer. From the beginning until today have launched new and more advanced versions of this platform game. Here we present the 5 most popular versions ofSuper Mario so you can download and install it on your computer in minutes.

Games such as: Mario Online, Super Mario, Mario Forever, Super Mario PC, Mario Forever Galaxy, And others. The same as with more info

the passing of the years and despite new and highly advanced 3D games for consoles like Wii and Play Station, and will never go out of fashion. One advantage is that they are easy to install and requires no art compuradora to run.

We start the list of the top 5 games of Super Mario Bros:
Mario Online is one of the great titles created by Softendo. A game fast paced where Mario and Luigi has wagered that the army can defeat the evil Bowser. They will face wave after wave of hordes of dangerous and deadly enemies.

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